Spinal Stenosis

Effective Spinal Stenosis Treatment for New Jersey Resident

Back pain can occur for all sorts of reasons. What’s important is that if you’re experiencing discomfort that hasn’t got a readily identifiable cause, you’re able to get the professional diagnosis and treatment you need to resolve or manage the problem effectively. Many people with back pain find out that their symptoms are due to lumbar spinal stenosis. Caused by a narrowing of the spinal canal, spinal stenosis is characterized by back pain on movement, particularly when walking downhill or without something to lean on; lumbar spinal stenosis can cause enormous discomfort as well as significantly impact on the quality of life.

Our Expert Team Can Diagnose and Treat Back Pain
We are a well-established medical practice that specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of a wide range of different conditions that can cause back pain. Using advanced diagnostic techniques, we are able to identify your lumbar spinal stenosis accurately and suggest a suitable intervention. Our team is highly qualified in those aspects of medicine that relate to pain management, enabling us to offer a selection of cutting-edge interventions that provide effective pain relief in many cases.

Minimally Invasive Spinal Stenosis Treatment
Treatments are normally carried out on a day patient basis (no overnight stay required) and do not normally require large incisions or protracted recovery times. By using minimally invasive techniques, the risk of complications is reduced and patients find they need only a small amount of recovery time – a vital consideration if you’re normally a busy individual with a packed schedule.

We pride ourselves on explaining available options with every patient beforehand