Disc Herniation

Caring, Experienced Provider of Disc Herniation Treatment in New Jersey

Disc herniation is a relatively common problem that can cause an assortment of difficulties. When the tough outer layer of a disc (the soft “cushion” between vertebrae) becomes damaged in some way, the interior, cushioning matter leaks away. This leaves the nerves more vulnerable to becoming compressed or otherwise compromised, leading to significant pain and discomfort. If you’re suffering from disc herniation, we have the expertise to bring you a significant amount of relief. At Center for Regenerative Therapy and Pain Management in Brick NJ, our doctors are specially qualified for diagnosing and treatment of Disc Herniation.

Accurate Diagnosis, Proven Interventions for Your Disc Herniation
Our practice can provide diagnostic procedures as well as treatment options. We use techniques such as intradiscal injection and spinal discography in order to pinpoint the exact location and cause of the problem. We know that no two individuals are the same and that similar symptoms may be due to completely different causes. Diagnosis is customized to suit the needs of each patient, maximizing the chances of obtaining accurate, helpful information.

Wide Range of Therapeutic Interventions Available
When it comes to disc herniation treatment, we will discuss what options are open to you so that together we can agree on a suitable intervention. All our treatments are carried out by fully qualified, experienced practitioners who are specialists in the treatment and management of spinal conditions. Our procedures are undertaken on a day patient basis, reducing the risk of complications in comparison with more invasive surgery and ensuring the treatment is more cost-effective.

Turn To Us for Your Disc Herniation Treatment in New Jersey
With a successful track record in treating back problems of many different types, our aim is to make certain every patient receives the high standards of care and access to top quality, therapeutic options that they deserve.

We pride ourselves on explaining available options with every patient beforehand